Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No more Gaming pic of the Week

We skipped last Tuesday's Gaming pic of the Week, because of the lack of a quality picture to post. Today it's Tuesday again and I still couldn't find any. Therefore, I decided to stop the Gaming pic of the Week "section".

I'll still continue to post fun gaming pictures on an irregular basis (whenever I find some good ones), but I won't do it every Tuesday like I did before now.

Stay tuned though, as I'll soon make a quick review of the ones posted to this day, so that we can end this properly. I wish I could've continued to post them regularly, but this is something that doesn't depend on me.

In the meanwhile, have a great week and don't forget to follow iTalkGames on Twitter, as I'm planning on launching a contest once I reach 1000 followers.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blog traffic observations

I know I've posted more non-gaming blog updates lately, but I did say when I started Talk Games Online that this blog is by itself an experiment. So don't panic.

The experiment is showing more and more results to me and I managed to gather valuable data for what's to come (I can't say more about it at this time).

Speaking of which, the blog finally has enough traffic for trends to be somewhat viewable now. So I noticed an interesting fact: the weekly traffic peak is on Thursdays. And it's so obvious that it saddened me each Friday during the last few weeks when I saw the traffic dropping a bit on Fridays.

But then I set myself the right mind frame and realized that the traffic wasn't dropping on Fridays, but was simply increasing slowly until Thursdays, peaking that day, then going back to normal.

It's quite interesting to notice that traffic is lower in the weekends (after the aforementioned peak), but I guess people need more distractions during the week, maybe to get some fun or simply some reading after a hard day's work (at their job or school).

Also, sorry for not posting the Gaming pic of the Week this Tuesday. I didn't find anything worth posting, so I preferred not to, rather than posting something bad.

That being said, stay tuned for more stuff cool. Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Gaming pic of the Week #15 - Rockstar Logic

Hello guys! As I promised last week and this Tuesday, it's time for the second Gaming pic this week, to make up for the skipped one and get back on track.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wisps: The Redeeming - an awesome indie game!

Hey there guys, check this freaking awesome indie game out. It's called Wisps: The Redeeming and it's a top-down arcade game. You're supposedly a wisp god who controls a firefly to guide your demi-god son through a complex labyrinth of trees in the dark woods of some fantasy land.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New gaming YouTube channel - Villain Zone

Awesome exclusive game reviews, gameplay videos and walkthroughs.

Villain Zone is a brand new gaming channel on YouTube, which promises to bring original content to the table - one of a kind exclusive reviews for indie games (and not only), awesome gameplay videos and cool walkthroughs with commentaries.